AM Series Dehumidifyers

Series AM.


Adsorption Dryers for Dehumidifying Atmospheric Air.
Goldcrest AM-1250.
The Goldcrest AM Series of dehumidifying dryers are constructed using the principles of adsorption. This allows reliable dehumidification even with low air temperatures on the inlet of the machine.
Karalex AM1250 Assembled 3
The AM Series machines are constructed using 4 absorbsion vessels
where 2 are in the absorbsion phase whilst the 2 remaining are in the
cooling and regeneration phase.
The AM Series of machines have a powder coated finish to exterior
surfaces with stainless steel utilised on the internal surfaces. Moving
parts within the construction have been reduced to two permanently
connected disc valves. The valves are rotated using a directly coupled
gear motor and distribute the air into the four adsorber vessels. The
valves are turned ¼ revolution every 15 minutes approximately.
The AM Series is supplied with a specially designed timer that controls
the valve change and engagement of the regeneration heating. The
machines are supplied with all safety equipment and come prepared to
be integrated with external hygrostat operation.
The AM Series machines are supplied to be floor mounted and come complete with all
necessary frames for installation. The machines are supplied as standard with a built in fan, inlet air filter and an outlet flange to allow connection to an air distribution system if required.
Karalex AM 63 - 125 Assembled


AM Series Specifications
The capacities are based on:
Type Dried air volume Water removal Max. Power. Heaters
AM 63 63 m3/hr 0.25 kg/hr 0.65 kW
AM 125 125 m3/hr 0.55 kg/hr 1.10 kW
AM 250 250 m3/hr 1.09 kg/hr 2.20 kW
AM 650 650 m3/hr 4.29 kg/hr 7.95 kW
AM 1250 1250 m3/hr 8.50.6 kg/hr 15.0 kW
AM 2500 2500 m3/hr 17.0 kg/hr 30.0 kW
Inlet conditions Temp. 20 C. Dew Point +12 C.
Outlet Conditions Temp. 40 C. Dew point + 2 C.
Dehumidification Delta X = 3.5 – 6.5g H2O/kg Dry air
Specific Energy Consumption. 1.40 kW / kg H2O.
Pressure loss P @ V Nm3 / h less than 900 Pa

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