AX Series Dehumidifyers

Ambient Air Dehumidification


Series AX.
Adsorption Dryers for Dehumidifying Atmospheric Air.
The AX Series of dehumidifiers are ideal for all applications where high performance dehumidification is required. The AX series are supplied complete with high efficiency process fan and integrated filters and are supplied in steel powder coated casework or as an open assembly.
Series AX-1M
Military helicopter dehumidification
High quality engineering is extremely important in ambient air systems.
For this reason all components at risk from corrosion are made from stainless steel, whilst all other parts of the dehumidifier are produced from a specially coated steel plate. The construction also uses cast aluminium and bronze for valves.
The unique design of the dehumidifiers operating on the adsorption
principle is extremely efficient even at low ambient inlet air temperatures.
As standard the desiccant used is a specially blended Molecular Sieve.
This material is chemically inert with exceptional performance over a
long service life. The full range of desiccants can be utilised within this
range of machinery to suit the process requirements. The correct
desiccant is selected at the system design stage and process
parameters are integrated into the specially developed control system.
The main design feature of this range of equipment is that there are 6
adsorbsion vessels which 3 vessels are drying air 2 are regenerating
and 1 is cooling. By this method extremely effective drying of air is
obtained with minimal energy consumption. The only moving parts,
excluding the fan, are the Inlet and Outlet butterfly valves. This ensures
extremely high reliability and extremely long service life. For this reason
these machines are used in many highly critical applications in military,
pharmaceutical and museum applications for periods up to 20 years
with minimal service or maintenance.


Ax Series Specifications
The capacities are based on:
Type Dried air volume Water removal Max. Power. Heaters
AX-1M 105 m3/hr 25 kg / 24 hrs. 1.8 kW
AX-1 105 m3/hr 25 kg / 24 hrs. 1.8 kW
AX 2 210 m3/hr 50 kg / 24 hrs 3.3 kW
AX 3 500 m3/hr 120 kg / 24 hrs 7.5 kW
AX 4 1000 m3/hr 250 kg / 24 hrs 15.0 kW
Inlet conditions Temp. 20 C. Dew Point +12 C.
Outlet Conditions Temp. 45 C. Dew point - 5 C.
Dehumidification Delta X = 8.2g H2O / kg Dry air.
Specific Energy Consumption. 1.40 kW / kg H2O.

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