Drying of Plastic compounds

Goldcrest Drying Technologies have for many years designed and manufactured polymer drying systems using dehumidified air. These are supplied in two formats "Indirect Drying" & "Direct Drying". Both formats have advantages depending on the materials and thruputs required.


Capacities up to 70,000 m3/hr of dry air can be generated from the wide range of Ambiant air generators and polymer drying capacities up to 35 Tonne hour. CPET systems running at 180 degees centigrade can produce up to 12 Tonne / hr of high grade film.


Goldcrest can also offer a unique hire package for smaller machines ( Up to 500 kg capacity ). These machines are fully self contained with loading and conveying systems and only require Power and Compressed air to operate. We have over 100 machines available for this service and can cover most "Problems" that customers require to be solved from stock.

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