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Drymaster has used a robust and reliable range of mobile dryers to create the largest hire fleet ( Over 100 machines ) in the United Kingdom. Experience gained since 1968 has ensured that the machinery is available ex-works at all times.


How to hire
Drymaster's flexible approach to equipment hire allows weekly hire to be operated after a minimum four week period. All that is required is an official order by fax or email to initiate delivery, and another to off-hire and return the drier to our factory. Delivery options Drymaster can supply a full delivery service to requirement and will arrange collection at the end of the hire period. Drymaster use tail lift lorries which allow safe and simple delivery and collection without use of our customers lifting equipment, ensuring minimum disruption to our customers production.


Why Drymaster hire?
The unique design of our dehumidification system ensures that irrespective of material type the desiccant performance cannot be compromised in operation. This feature, unique to Drymaster, allows rapid material changes and high temperature operation as a standard feature.
At the completion of any hire Drymaster completely disassemble any component that may be contaminated and clean or replace as required. This allows Drymaster to give complete assurance to all our customers that the machines are clean and free from contamination of any form. As part of our ISO 9002 quality system every machine is tested for performance, operation and safety before being returned to the hire fleet for re-hire. Drymaster can therefore assure all our customers of the safety and efficiency of all machines that are supplied on the extensive fleet hire.


Why hire and not buy?
Drymaster can offer a service of hire from one week to one year. This flexibility gives the customer total control of his cash flow and allows the hire to be costed against the job. If the job is stopped at any time the machine can be returned immediately, reducing cost to a minimum. It is also possible to return the machine during shut-downs reducing cost even more. Drymaster machines are also covered by our service replacement machine program that ensures the machinery is always maintained at no cost to the customer. These factors alone, together with Drymaster's economical hire rates make purchase of machinery an expensive alternative. "We want to buy the machine on hire!"
Drymaster offer a loyalty discount to our valued hire customers and give a very
competitive sales price for our unique machines. Every machine has a different history and sales prices vary, but be assured Drymaster can offer the best machine at competitive rates at all times.

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